Why you should join Your Safety

We provide the infrastructure, tools and templates you need to run your own pharmacy web site on our Qualys verified secure network, software and backend. Configure prices, store names, product options and more. We handle the hard stuff like payment processing, doctor's consultation & order fulfillment.

You set up your site options and generate traffic to your sites. For every order your site sells, you earn 60% of the profit and all customers remain yours ensuring your ongoing 60% profit for repeat orders.

Program Details and Requirements

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  • Must be 18 years of age or older.

Affiliate Program details

  • Who we are
    Candover Pharmacy LLC is a corporation owned by US based pharmacies, a US state of the art information technology corporation, a pharmacy group management corporation and a US based call/customer service center.
  • Management Contact Information:
    Darroll Hornbuckle: darroll@datagroupone.com
  • Rest Assured
    When ordering from your sites affiliated to us, your customers can rest assured that they will get their FDA approved medicines that the doctor prescribed at a great price, from our store to their door.

  • How do you know you are dealing with the Best?
    Be confident you are dealing with the best when you become affiliated to the most trusted, legal and secure US based online and retail community pharmacy chain, Brick and Click. We are committed to creating strong, ongoing relationships with our marketing affiliates ensuring your excellent long-term earnings.

    You are guaranteed no legal issues as the pharmacies we own are all licensed to dispense in their home state as well as to dispense to residents of virtually all the other states in the US. For confirmation, refer to the itemized list of permits/licenses per state click here.

    Your patients are secure too through our proprietary online medical licensed Consulting Physician status, which is compliant with the issuing of "face to face" relationship prescriptions.

    Trade securely with our HIPAA compliant proprietary Cadence Software which is security accredited by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

    Accept orders through all the credit cards used in the US, including MasterCard, Visa, Diners and American Express.

  • Great Commissions
    Earn top money through our 60% commission structure on all products which have the lowest cost in the industry by passing on our group-buying discount to your customers...because we own our own pharmacies.

    Enhance these payments even more by setting your own selling prices.

    Continue earning commission for the lifetime of your customer! Your customer's accounts are embedded with your affiliate code permanently so there is absolutely no risk of losing the customer due to deleted cookies.

    Choose to be paid weekly or bi-weekly and never miss receiving a payment. Pick from a range of payment options, including foreign and domestic electronic wires and traditional paper checks. Make your decisions based on transparent cost and selling price formulas. Set your own retail prices (with shipping always free) and enhance your ongoing earnings.

    Retail price - base cost X 60% = commission

  • Call Center Support
    Your customers can access our US based staff of Doctors, Pharmacists and Patient Care Specialists, dedicated to helping our visitors and patients get the best support in the industry, providing a multitude of options that ensure they get an experience second to none.

    - Telephone: A toll-free number, 1-888-344-1379 to allow quick, easy access to specialists, including our pharmacists, to help obtain pertinent information regarding orders or for answers to any questions.

    - Account Portal: At any time, your patients may access their account simply by logging into their secure account gateway.

    - Walk-in: At any one of our owned pharmacies your patients will receive patient and medicine counselling free of charge in consultation with one of our pharmacists. Alternatively your linked "Live Help" on your site will direct customers to receive online real-time consultations from one of our pharmacists or doctors.

    - Live Online Support: Our "Excellence in Patient Care", offers the ability to conduct a Live, private chat session with one of our Patient Care Specialists, right from the link on your website. During such chat sessions, patients able to inquire about any issue or request a Physician or Pharmacist consultation.

    - Support Ticket System: To promote good communication we feature a support ticket system in a fully automated system, which allows your patients to submit a "Support Ticket". This "ticket" provides several places to enter details and descriptions of the type of problem being experienced. Our patient care specialists will promptly review the ticket and resolve the problem, fast.

  • Marketing Support
    - Customer Rewards Program:
    Create customer loyalty and satisfaction by rewarding your customers for their purchases through our MasterCard approved debit card reward programme. Customers receive cash deposited to reward cards, customized with your site information, issued to them resulting from points earned for every item they buy.

    - Innovative web tools:
    Our library of web templates and new tools is growing every week. As an affiliate, you get access to our entire library at no cost! We make it easy for you to run a professional web store, with minimal fuss.

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