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We provide the infrastructure, tools and templates you need to run your own pharmacy web site on our Qualys verified secure network, software and backend. Configure prices, store names, product options and more. We handle the hard stuff like payment processing, doctor's consultation & order fulfillment.

You set up your site options and generate traffic to your sites. For every order your site sells, you earn 70% of the profit and all customers remain yours ensuring your ongoing 70% profit for repeat orders.

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Ensuring you Earn ongoing Top $ from the Best Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program

Did you know?

  • Thousands of adults in the US use the Internet daily to order their healthcare needs. Annual global online pharmacy revenue is projcted by Statista to increase to $128 Billion by 2023. The US online healthcare market is 75% of the global market.

  • 90% of Online prescription drug sales are provided by Online Pharmacy Affiliates.

  • Our Affiliates earn 70% of the profit on each (and repeating) customer order.

  • All of your Affiliate customers are retained by you through our secure software.

So what does this all mean to you, as our Affiliate? Average commission/order $90.00 !!.

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