About Templates

What are the templates for?
They're for you, the affiliate! When you join our program, you have access to our continually growing library of website templates at no charge. Just pick the templates you'd like to use for your store, let our wizard build & brand the template with your site name, and 3 minutes later you have a fully functional turn-key website to begin earning revenue with us.

How do I use them?
We provide turn-key websites which have been built and branded to meet your configuration settings that you'll set in the affiliate portal. Once the site has been built, the system will ask you to save the files. Once saved (downloaded), you must then use FTP or comparable transfer program, and transfer the website files to an appropriate host for public hosting on the net. Typically, this means you've also registered a domain name, such as www.abcpharmacy.com, for example.

What if I don't have a host?
Under certain circumstances, we can provide hosting of your site for a small monthly fee, deducted from your commission payment. Ask the affiliate manager for details.

Can I set my own prices?
Of course! Your affiliate portal allows you to configure & manage many different aspects of your site, including prices. We set minimum prices, then hand the control to you, allowing you to maximize profitability. Hand configuring prices is not required. If you don't feel like setting prices for hundreds of products, no worries; the default configuration will still earn you money on each sale.

Do I have to use these?
Not if you don't want to! You may produce custom websites for use with our program. We offer a feed for dynamic page elements which can be used in your site design, thus ensuring product menus, tables and drug monographs are always up-to-date.

May I use these templates elsewhere?
No. While we provide the template library for use at no charge, we strictly prohibit the use of any template for anything other than our affiliate program for which it is designed. All content is protected by US & International copyright laws.


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